Cross-Border Delivery

There has been a great increase in demand for Cross-Border Trucking service between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia due to its cost-effective and time-efficient features. A lot of companies have expanded their business and distribution channels from Singapore to Malaysia and vice versa.

Bills Logistic Solution has been specialising in cross-border trucking for years and we possess the flexibility and know-how for your business needs. As a one-stop logistic solution, we can handle small and/or large volumes should you require it. We fully understand the urgency in today’s business world and the high expectations you have for logistics services. We provide our clients state-of-the-art tracking services and our transportation services between Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia are scheduled daily to ensure collection and delivery can be as swift as possible.

Our frequented cross-border routes both ways for our clients include:
Singapore to Klang Valley
Singapore to Kuala Lumpur
Singapore to Selangor
Serving various industries, our clients who engage us for chartered transportation services are listed below:


Food and Beverage

Furniture and Fittings



Retail Distribution

Safety Equipment
With our vast amount of product knowledge and coordination to transport cargo from Singapore to Malaysia, we are able to provide a smooth delivery procedure by proper handling of customs clearance and import-export permits. Always ready to answer your questions to give you the confidence that we can handle your valued cargo, do consult us if you might have any questions.